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Boardwalk Launches "Never a Dull Moment" Blog

Ted Whiting III Shares Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk History

SANTA CRUZ, CA (May 8, 2018) – The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk announced a new blog written by Ted Whiting III. Whiting is a Santa Cruz Seaside Company employee with more than 60 years of experience working and playing on the Boardwalk or “walkin’ the walk” as Ted refers to his many years at the historic amusement park.

Whiting’s new blog will explore popular subjects from Boardwalk archives including rare photos and insider stories about iconic rides like the Cave Train, Giant Dipper and Wild Mouse, as well as fun facts about important local landmarks such as the Fun House, Plunge, Pleasure Pier and Sun Tan Special train.

Ted Whiting started his Boardwalk career at the age of seven in his family’s food business. Fourth and fifth generations of the Whiting family still operate many popular food concessions on the Boardwalk. While Ted is still close to his family’s roots, for the past 40 years he has worked for the Santa Cruz Seaside Company.

An interest in local history and research into the Boardwalk’s archives led to Ted’s newest position as Vice President of Legacy Affairs for the Seaside Company. After many years overseeing the Boardwalk’s General Services department, he now works closely with company archivist Jessie Durant, researching and documenting park history as well as leading tours for community groups.  

Ted Whiting’s new blog “Never a Dull Moment” can be found at

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